I can’t relate

“Special needs parenting is so lonely” “It’s an isolating life being a parent of a child with special needs” These are just a couple of things that I’ve read over the past couple of weeks and I must say, I really can’t relate. I have to mention before I go on any further, this isn’t... Continue Reading →

“Don’t compare”

Any time a mother of a premature baby or a mother of a child with additional needs asks if I have any advice for them I ALWAYS say “don’t compare”  Something I wish I had followed myself when my son was younger. It’s something we all do when we have a child, you look up... Continue Reading →

Dear special needs mum

A letter to all mums who have children with special needs Dear special needs mum, Did you ever think you would be known as that? “The mum with the child who has special needs” I certainly didn’t.. That’s what other people see but I’ll tell you what I see when I see you. I see... Continue Reading →

Always Judging

As a new mother, everyone tells you how hard it is having a newborn, you get NO sleep, you will have no social life and forget about ever spending time trying to make effort with your appearance because you’ll have no time for that and let’s face it, you probably won’t care much anymore. Then... Continue Reading →


Something I feel at least once every day. Actually, who am I kidding here... SEVERAL times throughout the day, every day. I can’t be the only one that goes through the day once my children are in bed thinking “I should have done that” “I maybe over-reacted there” or one of my favourites “I wish... Continue Reading →

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