Raising Awareness

Tomorrow marks the last day of cerebral palsy awareness month, but for thousands of people out there, it will never end. I’ve met so many people through social media trying to raise awareness for cerebral palsy and each and every one of them is truly amazing in their own way ❤️ Did you know that... Continue Reading →

Dear special needs mum

A letter to all mums who have children with special needs Dear special needs mum, Did you ever think you would be known as that? “The mum with the child who has special needs” I certainly didn’t.. That’s what other people see but I’ll tell you what I see when I see you. I see... Continue Reading →

You’re not just a mum

You’re not just a mum, you’re a special needs mum Where do you look and where do you turn When you need help or something doesn’t go to plan Your child’s neurologist, physiotherapist or paediatrician, Their portage, play therapist, occupational therapist.. the list goes on You’re not just a mum, you’re all the above and... Continue Reading →

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