Ongoing Challenges

This page is dedicated to all the fantastic people and organisations out there that are doing events or challenges for Wilson and helping towards his SDR surgery.

Please see below the intiatives ongoing so far:


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We are so so so happy that Persimmon Homes Community Champions initiative have granted Wilson as the recent winner of their scheme and therefore he has been awarded £1000 towards our fundraising target. We can’t thank them enough and the work they are doing within the community is outstanding.


BC March 2016 – Facebook group

The fantastic people of this group held an auction on their facebook page to sell unwanted items for donations to Wilson’s fund. They raised an amazing £272 for the fund with a lot of generous people.

Thank you all very much and a special mention must go to Chloe Simpson from the group who instigated all of this, thank you Chloe. We would also like to thank Mindful Crochet (Chloe’s mum) for her contributions through her own raffle.


May – De – Choc


Girls love chocolate, that’s a fact. So can you imagine going a full month without it? well that is what a large group of people are doing in aid to get sponsorship for Wilson. Keep your eyes peeled for the total amount raised as at this moment we are already over £300!!!!! Keep up the good work guys


Running for Wilson 

So Steven Sweeney (Dad) is going to be doing a bit of running to try to raise some money so one day Wilson can. When we say a ‘bit’ we are actually meaning 42 competition miles and that is not including the training miles he is going to have to do (not built for running).

Running for Wilson

You can follow all his progress on strava as this is where all his runs will be posted and of course on Wilson’s social media channels.



So Wilson’s mum, Amy and her friend Elidh are jumping from a plane on the 25th August  2018 from a total of 15,000 feet.


Their aim is to raise an impressive £1000 for the cause and we definitely think that amount is worth the challenge. To donate to this very special challenge, click here.


Wink Nudge 

Wink Nudge Logo

We had an amazing shock yesterday, the above company Wink Nudge made an unbelievable donation to our fund. Tim Makin and the team at Wink Nudge had seen our recent article in the local papers and wanted to be involved and help.

Tim wants to do all he can to make us get to where we need to be and that is something us as a family are so grateful for. Please check these guys out, for what they have done is special.

Wink Nudge Website 




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