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Mummy – also known as Amy Slaven (but soon to be Sweeney at the end of December2018, exciting!!) I’m 26 years old and currently spend all my time with my 2 beautiful children (lucky me!) Before I had children I was an wedding and events co-ordinator, which I really did enjoy but was definitely not something that could be done part time so I made the decision not to go back, especially with Wilsons needs and all his appointments that he has every week. I have recently started driving lessons on a Saturday morning as I just feel like I would have a lot more freedom and things would be a lot easier if I could drive so I’m very determined to pass my test when I am ready!


Daddy – also known as Steven Sweeney

I’m 30 years old and work as an area sales manager for a hotel group. After a long day at work my favourite thing to do is get big cuddles from my babies and listen to them tell me about their day. Often, when Amy knows I’m nearly at the house, she lets Ava sit up at the window and she lifts Wilsons chair right up so he’s there too and the excitement from their faces when they see me coming out of the car is just a feeling I can’t even explain, the best in the world! I enjoy Golfing (although I can’t remember the last time I actually went!) and I try go to the gym most mornings before work. I recently completed the great north run, that was TOUGH – but worth it.

IMG_2445Ava Sweeney – I turned 3 years old on the 1st February, just 4 days after Wilsons birthday! I was born on my due date unlike my brother who I think wanted to come so early so he could be here for my 1st Birthday 🙂 my current favourite thing is Doc Mcstuffins! Its a TV programme and I can sing all of the songs, I also love animals and pretending to look after all my teddies. I go to nursery on a Tuesday morning and Thursday afternoon and I absolutely love it. I have made lots of friends there and I really look forward to going. When I’m at home I enjoy helping mummy around the house and doing lots of playing! I like  dancing to music, I give Wilson an instrument and we both pretend we are in a band! Wilsons favourite thing to do is read books so even though I can’t actually read yet I enjoy going through a book with him and making up stories based on the pictures I see. My favourite food is primula on toast!

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