Huge Update!! – SDR

⭐️ HUGE UPDATE!!! ⭐️⁣⁣


We have some very big and exciting news. ⁣⁣

You may (or may not!) have heard that we went to Leeds hospital for Wilson not so long ago to see if he could possibly have SDR surgery here in the UK. It was a heartbreaking appointment where we were told no and advised not to have the surgery at all – anywhere! ⁣⁣

We came away from the appointment upset and confused and decided at that moment we would definitely go with Dr. Parks in America for the surgery as he had already said yes. We were told that we were entitled to a second opinion and were advised to try Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, we weren’t sure whether to even go to the appointment but decided we needed to know and booked in to see Miss Petorini and her team.⁣⁣


The difference in this appointment was just incredible, the team were amazing with Wilson and he had such a thorough examination to determine his suitability. They were very interested in finding out all about Wilson and us as a family and you can just tell how much they cared ❤️

To cut a very long story a little bit shorter – they said Wilson would be a PERFECT candidate and they really wanted to help him and perform the surgery at Alder Hey! ⁣⁣This will still be paid for privately as Wilson doesn’t qualify on the NHS.

I cried all day after hearing this ❤️ ⁣⁣

We decided that a full month away in America is a lot to go through as well as a major operation – not just Wilson but also his sister. The team at Alder Hey are amazing we feel that we can completely put our trust in them. It wasn’t an easy decision, this is a huge operation and a very scary/emotional time for the whole family but we are happy that we have made the right one.⁣⁣

It also means our fundraising target has gone down to £75,000! ⁣⁣

The waiting list is a bit longer but the good news is that now we can start more therapy for Wilson pre-op and get him to his absolute strongest for his surgery.⁣⁣


20th March 2020 – Wilson Sweeney has life changing SDR surgery ❤️⁣⁣


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