A letter to Wilson’s key worker

It was Wilson’s last day at nursery today. I feel a bit emotional about it actually! Not really sure why as I don’t remember feeling like this when Ava left nursery.

Maybe I’m nervous of him starting in a new setting?

Or maybe I’m nervous that he will no longer have Louise!

Also, I thought it was next week that he finished so when I found out yesterday that today was actually his last day, I wasn’t prepared 😂

When your child starts at nursery, it’s nerve-wracking! Putting the care of your child in someone else’s hands is a big deal. You have to 100% trust them and it’s scary.

When you have a child that can’t sit up or walk, that scariness you feel is multiplied. By a lot!

I want nothing more than for Wilson to be happy and Louise makes sure that Wilson is always happy when he’s at nursery! Not only that but she makes sure he is included in every single task the children do.

Whether it takes more time or effort (which usually it does!) she always goes out her way to make sure he doesn’t feel any “different” from the other children.

She’s been a huge help with his toilet training and even made his own gruffalo chart and stickers for him, she knows all his favourites 😊 even when the nursery weren’t sure about lifting him on and off his toilet seat, Louise took the situation into her own hands and said she would take full responsibility for this and made sure that he could be included just like any other child in toilet training even though it meant lifting him on and off – she feels as strongly as I do when it comes to inclusion and equality for Wilson!

There’s the little things that matter, like for example you know that Wilson loves to jump! I know this must hurt your back and arms when your doing it but I also know that you do it anyway, without question! He loves the home corner and although it’s not completely accessible, you always ensure he gets to play there even though it means you are crouching down and a bit squished!

It would be so much easier to just have Wilson be in his chair all the time which is something that worried me when I originally started him in nursery but he’s rarely even in his chair! You get him out all the time for different games and activities and I know he loves that. He even goes on the bikes outside 😃

Louise, it’s not just Wilson that’s going to miss you – I am too! And I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for my son. For you, it wasn’t just a job, you genuinely care about him and it really shows.

I also have to mention all the other staff in Wilson’s care because I know that Louise can’t be there all the time and I know that you all make sure Wilson still gets to do all these things when Louise isn’t around – especially Sam and Tyler, you have all made Wilson’s time at nursery a happy and memorable experience and I know that, just like Louise, you both also do everything you can for Wilson 🥰

Thank you ❤️

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