He doesn’t want help (but we need it)

Wilson will be 3 years old in just a few weeks time! THREE! It is said all the time but they really do grow up so quickly.

It doesn’t seem like 3 years ago that Wilson was just a tiny little baby in that big glass box born too early.

But just look at how far he’s come, he really is inspirational, I post pictures and videos of him daily and in each one he’s full of laughs and smiles. I get comments on how wonderful it is to see him so happy all the time despite him facing certain difficulties.

But the truth is, although he genuinely is happy the majority of the time, we are now getting to a point where he doesn’t want help, not from anyone and not even from me. He’s a toddler, he’s a little boy and just like most little boys he wants to be off exploring, he wants to climb, get muddy, go on adventures, run!

As his mum I absolutely 100% make sure he is always included in any activities, I make sure he doesn’t feel any different from any other child and I do my absolute best to ensure that he can do anything and everything he wants to. But it’s not enough. He doesn’t want me to hold him up, he doesn’t want equipment helping and he doesn’t want to have to rely on others.

I’m trying to encourage him to use his walking frame more to practice walking but he can get upset with it because he doesn’t want a walking frame, he wants to walk like his big sister, she doesn’t have anything like that so why does he need one!? That’s how he sees it and up until recently he’s always been more than happy to practice his walking if I’m holding him under his arms, but he keeps trying to push me away. Of course, if I let go he’s going to fall but he tells me he doesn’t want me to hold him and gets frustrated.

It hurts. As a mum it hurts that the one thing he wants the most I can’t give him. More independence.

Except I can.

With the help of a surgery called selective dorsal rhizotomy (SDR)

We are flying out to America in October this year, THIS YEAR!!!

Dr Park pioneered this surgery and has changed the lives of over 4,000 people with cerebral palsy.

This surgery completely cuts the spasticity in Wilson’s body which means with ALOT of physio afterwards, Wilson will have the opportunity to learn to sit up, learn to stand and learn to walk. Without this surgery we have been told he will not be able to do these things. We have been told that his hips will deform, his feet and legs will turn in and this will cause him pain, a lot of pain.

Even now, Wilson wakes during the night with painful spasms and it’s heartbreaking.

No little boy should have to go through what he is having to go through but his future is going to be a bright one and I’ll do anything I can to make sure of that 💚

It would mean that absolute world to us for anyone reading to share this as much as possible and if you are in a position to be able to donate or fundraise to help Wilson please click here

We are having to fundraise a huge £100,000 in quite a short period of time so we need ALL the help we can get. We will reach our target, I know we will. We just need your help.

Thank you 💕

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