Things that the doctors don’t tell you about having a child with cerebral palsy

Things that the doctors don’t tell you about having a child with cerebral palsy….

Is what this blog was going to be about. I’m on a few different support groups for parents of children that have disabilities and they are great! They really are and it’s so good to have support from others that are going through a similar journey. One of these groups that I’m on is just for parents of children that have cerebral palsy so I wrote a post telling them the title of my next blog and could they help me out! I asked them “what do the doctors not tell you about having a child with cerebral palsy”

Well, I wasn’t prepared in the slightest when I read through the comments that people left.

I’ll give you a few short examples

“They don’t tell you that it will get will get worse”

“They never told us that they would have constant muscle pain”

“The heartbreak you feel, and then guilt for feeling that way”

I’m not saying these things aren’t true but I was really hoping for a more positive outlook on cerebral palsy, there were maybe one or two reasonably positive comments but is it really that bad?

Yes, and no.

I totally understand why these people said these things but you just have to look through Wilson’s photos and videos to see what a genuinely happy little boy he is. People with cerebral palsy can be happy and lead relatively normal lives if they want to! There will be obstacles and they constantly have to work harder than every one else but that doesn’t stop happiness.

If they see positiveness then that’s what they’ll learn. I would never, ever wish cerebral palsy on anyone and it does upset me that Wilson has to go through so many challenges but he is an absolute inspiration just as many other children with cerebral palsy are too, the outlook Wilson has on life is incredible and he has made me see the world differently but not in a bad way! There is a lot of changes that still needs to be made to make the world a more accessible place for people with disabilities but we can keep fighting for that! In the mean time, don’t sweat the small stuff. Make sure you laugh, at least once a day. Wilson makes me laugh every single day, he’s such a comedian!

Here’s what I say that doctors don’t tell you about having a child with cerebral palsy..

It will make you a better person, truly. It will build your confidence, because believe me, you’ll need it with all the appointments you go to! It will make you realise how precious each little achievement is, you’ll cry with joy the first time your child does something so small such as bring food to his mouth because in a child with disabilities that is a huge deal!

You’ll also learn to have the patience of a saint.

We all have our hard days, keep smiling 💚

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