Firefly backpack.. is it worth getting?

The postman must have thought I was mad when I answered the door today 😂 the firefly backpack had come!!

It’s just been released and I was so excited, a bag big enough to hold our GoTo Seat or our splashy (which is the bath seat) WITH the floor sitter!? Amazing…

I’ll have to be honest with you, I got a bit of a shock when I opened it up, it’s HUGE 😳 I thought, surely I can’t just go for a quick stroll up to the cafe with this on my back, people will think I’m going hiking 🤣 but then I asked myself.. What do I care more about, what other people think, or that my son can join in with activities where ever we go, be happy and be comfortable. It’s an obvious one.

If anyone was to ever make a comment then I’ll just tell them – simple! But not only does this hold Wilson’s chairs that we can take our with us, it also has enough room left in it to fit in packed lunches, nappies, wipes, spare clothes and anything else we might need! I reckon I’ll even get our picnic blanket in there (I’ll be trying that one out this week in the lovely sunshine!)

This backpack was designed to make life easier for parents who have children that have additional needs, and I feel it’s done it’s job perfectly. No more will I have to try put it on the back of Wilson’s pram and worrying that he might tip over!

So to sum it up, yes. I think it’s absolutely worth getting if, like me, you take your goto or splashy about anywhere you go!

Bonus – it’s actually really comfy on and doesn’t feel too heavy at all, the straps are thick and padded so there’s no chance of them digging in.

Thank you again firefly for thinking of another amazing product to add to the list of everything else! ❤️

You can get this bag here

Have to add again – I’m not getting paid in any way for this review, just want to help other parents who want to hear from someone ‘real’ before they spend money on a product they weren’t maybe sure about ❤️

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