My daddy’s the best because…

My daddy’s the best because no matter where we go he always makes sure I am able to get as involved with what’s there as anyone else

Since he found out about my diagnosis he was researching about how he could make my life as easy as possible for me.

Any time I get upset, he just seems to know how to make me laugh again, whatever the situation.

He pushes me all the way up to the sky on the swings and then even further when he thinks mummy isn’t looking

He always dances and sings with me, my favourite is “you’re welcome” from the film Moana (although secretly he likes it just as much as I do!)

He makes me the best dinners and brings me treats home after work at the end of every week.

We always do something fun on a weekend even if it means he has to drive really far and even though he’s had a busy week.

I sometimes keep him awake at night time but he never complains.

He holds me tight and reassures me whenever I feel uncertain about anything.

Even though it’s mummy who does all the blogs and pictures on my social media, it was all daddy’s idea.

My daddy works hard all week with long hours just to make sure I have anything I need (and want!)

Anywhere we go, it’s daddy that carries all my equipment around making sure we are prepared for any situation!

My daddy’s the best because he has the most amazing cuddles that make me feel so much happiness.

My daddy’s the best because he’s my daddy

❤️ Happy Father’s Day xxx

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