You’re not just a mum

You’re not just a mum, you’re a special needs mum

Where do you look and where do you turn

When you need help or something doesn’t go to plan

Your child’s neurologist, physiotherapist or paediatrician,

Their portage, play therapist, occupational therapist.. the list goes on

You’re not just a mum, you’re all the above and more

You’ve never been trained, it’s not a job or chore

But you’ll do anything you can, countless sleepless nights

You’ve had tears in your eyes when you hold your child tight

You’ve fed them whether it’s through stomach, mouth or nose

This isn’t the life that you chose

But you’re not just a mum because you’re so much more

You’re that child’s world and their voice

You’ll do anything and everything to ensure they have the choice

In what they want to do in life, you’ll make it happen

You make the impossible become the possible

You bring normality

You make sure they don’t feel different

You make sure they are as involved as their siblings and friends

Even though they cry, you continue with the physiotherapy because you know it will make them stronger

Even though they hate taking their medication, you give it because you know they need it

You’re house is filled with equipment and the whole family has had to adapt to the change

But you stay strong.. You put on a brave face.. You make it to all the appointments.. You smile and nod your head as the professionals give you advice that you already know because you researched it weeks before…

You’re not just a mum

You’re a special needs mum

You don’t often get recognition

But I recognise you and I admire you


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