Goto Seat Vinyl!

Everyone will know what big fans of the goto seat we are from Wilson’s social media pages, and for those who don’t know what a goto seat is… I’ll tell you! It’s one of those things you get where after using it for a while, you think “how on earth did I cope before I had this!!?” It’s AMAZING. I could talk about it all day long, honestly, I really could. When you see any sort seating system for a child over the age of one who can’t sit unaided, you will see a massive piece of equipment, heavy and definitely non transportable (non transportable… is that the right word!? Anyway, you’ll know what I mean!) they are great for at home but what happens when you want to go out? Wilson is still at an age where he could get away with sitting in a high chair, but he can’t. His low muscle tone in his trunk make him fall to the side and his stiff legs make it virtually impossible to even try get him in one. Luckily, we soon discovered this goto seat 😃 it’s created by a company called firefly and you can take it anywhere, I can even attach it to the pram and carry it around that way, which is great for me as I don’t drive! It provides FULL support so there’s no slouching to the side or anything like that and it keeps him upright to enable him to enjoy something as simple as a lunch out with his family. It attaches to any chair, yes ANY chair. I’m quite confident in saying that. I believe on the website it will probably say, “virtually” any chair or something along those lines but we have had it a while and tried it on so many different chairs and I’ve not found one that it won’t fit on yet. It also comes with a floor-sitter, which is like a little stand for it to slot in to and allows you to sit it on the floor, (this can also recline) we have used it loads for picnics and when Wilson wants to play on the floor with his big sister or if we are baking cakes etc. Great as his big seating system we have doesn’t go right to the floor! It also lasts until around the age of 8 which is fantastic!! So we thought, brilliant, this product will last us many more years and it can’t get better than this…

Until it did get better!!!

Firefly have just released a new product, the goto seat vinyl. It is the exact same as the goto seat, providing the full support and totally transportable but also has the added benefits of being able to just wipe clean, water resistant, hard wearing, soft touch and a lovely vibrant new colour!

You’ll have seen from Wilson’s Instagram that we have been trying it out all weekend and we are totally in love. We really didn’t think the goto seat could get any better but this really is. If you have the goto seat already and are debating whether or not to go for it, I would 100% recommend you do! This weekend Wilson has eaten in it, spilled bright orange pasta, loads of sticky ice cream and lots of other foods on it and I’ve not even had to give it a good scrub like I would have with his previous goto seat. It’s all just easily wiped off. We even went on a boat!! Knowing that it was water-resistant made me not have to worry in the slightest (other than Wilson’s dad having questionable rowing skills 😳🤣)

Massive thank you to firefly for yet another amazing product, you make the lives of so many family’s just that little bit easier ❤️

P.s I just wanted to add that we are not being paid or anything to write this review, we just genuinely really love it!! #WillingWilson 💕

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