Is that when he will walk?

A question that Wilsons big sister Ava asked me today while we were on the bus and it took me by surprise…

We were on our way home after having lunch with friends and I asked Ava if she was looking forward to Nursery in the morning, she knows that we have registered Wilson and that he’s going to start soon so she said “yeah is Wilson going too?” I replied, “not tomorrow, no he starts in a few months. He’ll be in the toddler room downstairs while you’re up in the pre-school room upstairs isn’t that exciting!”

Ava then said “is that when Wilson will start walking?”

I just stared at her. I didn’t even know what to say, I was totally taken aback and started to feel myself getting a bit emotional. She had never once before questioned her brother not being able to walk, or even sit up. I’ve never had to explain him having cerebral palsy as it’s just how he’s always been and she’s always just accepted it. But it made me wonder if she just thinks Wilsons a baby and because he’s starting nursery soon he’ll be a big boy so will be able to walk. It’s only since this happened today that I’ve now realised we will need to explain to her at some point Wilsons condition properly but at that moment in time on the bus today I just told her that he was a bit different, and that’s ok because it’s good to be different isn’t it! I said that he might take a bit longer than everyone else to walk, or he might not walk. But that’s fine because there’s other ways to get around! I’ve never had to explain it to a child before, or anyone really I guess! I’ve always just told people his diagnosis and left it at that and I did find it a bit emotional explaining to my 3 year old daughter that her brother was a bit different, but Ava wasn’t phased at all, she was just like “ok cool!” And started singing a song 😄

She’s the most amazing little girl and Wilson is very lucky to have her as a big sister, any time he is upset, she tries to soothe him, any time he needs something, she’ll get it for him and she tells him all the time that she loves him SO MUCH and that he’s her best friend. Because to her it doesn’t matter what he can or can’t do, he’s Wilson as she’s always known him ❤️

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