It’s been a busy year!

And next year will no different I’m sure!

2017 has been non stop for Wilson, in just one year we have found out about his PVL and CVI, he has received all his equipment that help him every day, we have had approximately 5689836 appointments with various different professionals and therapists 😄 he also learned to roll from front to back and do a walking movement with his legs this year! He’s recently been trying SO hard to roll from back to front so with lots of work hopefully he’ll get there with that soon!

e had our last appointment with our physiotherapist a couple of weeks ago as she's leaving so we will have to be appointed a new one and at the appointment she said to me "from how Wilson presented himself when I first met him I never imagined he would be doing some of the things he is now.. in fact he physically shouldn't be able to! And it's amazing!!" To hear that from someone else just made me burst with pride, this little boy is so determined and I have no doubt that each year he will surprise us all.

At one point there was even a concern that he may never talk as the damage in his brain can also affect speech and eating but he now eats anything and everything 😂 and is a wee chatterbox! He's like a parrot and I definitely need to watch what I'm saying around him as he just copies absolutely everything now.

If Wilson had a New Years resolution for 2018 I think it would be to never give up and continue to smile and make everyone else smile every day! He genuinely inspires me with his determination and happiness ❤️

Happy new year everyone 💕

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