New friend :)

Wilson made a new friend today! I met Sammy on a Facebook support group I’m on for PVL and we started chatting when we realised we only live 10 minutes away! Been talking for a while and realised that both Wilson and her daughter Esmée have so much in common. Esmée was born at 30+1 weeks and has PVL and CVI just like Wilson, she also has cystic fibrosis which I don’t know too much about but I’ve started to learn, her little girl has gone through so much but after meeting her only once, I already know she won’t let anything get in her way! She’s such a happy little girl and loves her books just like Wilson 😊

I wish I had taken more photos today, especially in Esmée’s sensory room (which is amazing!) but I’m sure we will get lots more when we meet up again and Wilson is already looking forward to seeing Esmée next week! ❤️

While we were out, Steven and Ava put up our Christmas decorations (with help from big cousins Jenson and Mariella!) 🎄 Ava was very excited to show us when we got home and we are all feeling very Christmassy now… excited!!!!

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