“First of all who is this guy and secondly why is he holding me!!!?” 😄

We are getting into the Christmas spirit this weekend and visited Santa’s grotto! (Yes, we realise it’s still November, but Christmas is only one month away which makes it totally acceptable!) wasn’t sure how Wilson would be meeting Santa but he tolerated a whole 5 seconds to get his photo taken before he realised there was a strange bearded man holding him instead of his mummy or daddy 😆 we all had a fun morning and we have even had some snow ⛄️

Wilson had the job of carrying “harry bear” around all morning, he’s on his holidays with us for a week from Ava’s Nursery so we have to take lots of pictures of him doing fun things with Ava… unfortunately Ava isn’t very interested in “harry bear” meaning so far all the pictures we have are of him and Wilson! I’m sure Nursery won’t mind TOO much though, after all – Wilson will be starting there after he turns 2 😁

On a completely different note, I had an email today to say that Wilsons scooot has been dispatched, EXCITEEEEED!!! So it should be arriving Monday/Tuesday. Looking forward to posting an update on how he gets on with it when it comes 😃

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