Tuesday mornings are just me (Mum!) and Wilson 😊 Wilson used to go to play therapy every Tuesday morning which is why we put Ava in Nursery at this time but he’s finished his block of sessions for now so we just get to spend some quality time together. I just thought I would give everyone a quick look into our morning on this day! We wake up and get Ava ready for Nursery, this morning I had to wake Wilson up 😯 which is pretty unusual and normally I would have just left him to sleep but I like to make sure he gets a nap before we pick Ava up at 12.30 or he gets pretty grumpy! Wilson has medicine first thing in the morning and has to wait half an hour before he’s allowed to eat so he’s happy when it’s finally breakfast time! I have an extra large bowl of cereal and Wilson has a weetabix. We then go upstairs and I jump Wilson up and down on my bed for about 5 minutes which he loves, doesn’t seem like very long but it’s all my arms can take 😆 he ‘helps’ me make the beds and we both get ready. I brush his hair which is a totally pointless task as he then likes to mess it all back up again anyway 😝. After we come back downstairs I ask Wilson if he wants to do “standing” and point at his standing frame, he gets excited! This morning I decided to put soapy water in the bowl of his standing frame, which I thought was a good idea until I ended up with water all over my living room – oops!! We decide to do tummy time to give his legs a bit of a rest and we and have lots of laughs on the floor.Wilson has worked hard this morning so we put his favourite programme on – hey duggee!! He has a snack and I have my cup of tea 😊 he enjoys touching the cup and saying “hot” so he does this maybe 30 times before I finish my tea 😄 After we have both had a bit of a break I take all the cushions off the couch and Wilson practices kneeling up against it and strengthening his legs, he’s getting good at this but gets tired after a while so we do lots of singing and dancing together 😁 and then read a few story books before nap time. We were going to go a walk but the weather is just too miserable! I’ll wake Wilson up at 12 and we will go get Ava from Nursery. Wilson won’t nap 😄 so I’m hoping he will have a rest on the way to pick Ava up! (Now regretting my decision to wake him up this morning) His physiotherapist is coming out to the house this afternoon to check his standing frame is all fitted right and then it looks like it’ll be a day indoors for the rest of the day!🌧

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