Thank you Firefly

We wanted to do a little post thanking Firefly by Leckley. Not for anything that they have done for us specifically but for the fantastic work they do in their field of expertise.

Wilson will have 3 products that have been created by Firefly, the first one we got was the GoTo Seat, closely followed by the Splashy and then the one we have just ordered, the Scooot.

All these products have been fantastic additions for Wilson. Firstly we got the GoTo seat and as you now know, Wilson can’t sit on his own and all the other seats he had/has haven’t been at all portable and have all come with large trays, which is great for him to play at home on his own but not so great if we need to go anywhere or even if he wants to play in another room in the house! It also plays a huge part in meal times as Wilson can’t sit in standard high chair not only due to him not being able to sit but also the spasticity in his hips made it impossible to even get him in a high chair. The fact that the GoTo seat can not only sit on the floor with its floor stander but also attaches to pretty much any type of chair is a real game changer. Now our meal times are a family event where everyone is actually sitting together at the table, the way it should be. We could go on and on about how great this chair is and all the features has but i will leave this up to the experts so for more information on this seats specifications click here 


We also had a problem when it came to bath time but now Wilson loves the bath and loves splashing (although he is not too keen on having water poured over his head by his big sister Ava which is her favourite thing to do!!) We used to really struggle at bath times as for Wilson to be in the bath, it would require either Mum or Dad sitting with him and holding him up which was causing to be difficult the bigger and heavier he got and not much fun for Wilson either. We were on the lookout for something that offered not only comfort and support but also the interaction he so loved so we are so glad we came across the Splashy :). What a fantastic chair this is which gives Wilson everything he needs and more when it comes to having a little bit of Independence in the bath. This seat is very similar to the GoTo seat and the fact that each seat can be used on the same floor stander makes it even easier to start taking these products anywhere you go.


The final product we have ordered is the Scooot and we are so excited to receive this. The Scooot offers a 3 in 1 solution to independence and will allow Wilson to have even more interaction with others. The hardest part for us is seeing Wilson know and understand what he wants, but get frustrated when he cant either get to it, or tell us fully what it is he has his eye on.


This product will hopefully get Wilson on the right track to Crawl, Sit independently and also cause chaos riding around the room. We have ordered it with the new additional pack which comes with a higher back rest for great support and a pole to allow us to push him around to get his used to the feeling of riding around (i am sure Ava will like this part the most and wont hesitate in pushing him around everywhere).

So all in all i guess this post is just a thank you, thank you for thinking of others, thank you for the hours and hours of research and thank you for putting that smile not only on the children’s faces but the parents too. To see Wilson so happy really does melt our Hearts 🙂

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